Deep Tissue or Wellness Massage:

The focus of a wellness massage is overall relaxation and maintenance. The pressure can range from light to deep, depending on your needs. The therapist will always work with you to focus on areas that need extra attention and make sure you are feeling the most benefit.

“Deep tissue” encompasses a wide range of techniques and does not necessarily mean “deep pressure with lots of elbows”. Generally the work is performed to the edge of your comfort level, which is different for every person. Therefore, your therapist will be checking in frequently with ¬†you to make sure you are experiencing the right level of therapeutic pressure. 30 Minutes- $45; 60 Minutes- $80; 90 Minutes- $115; 120 Minutes- $150

Hot Stone Massage:

Warm smooth stones can help relieve tense muscles, stressed emotions, and a strained mind. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity. 75 Minutes- $110.

Mommy To Be:

A gentle flowing massage designed with the special needs of mothers-to-be in mind. Special pillows and bolsters make this a safe, effective, and soothing massage. Nobody loves a massage more than a mommy to be! 45 minutes- $60

Life’s Journey Ion Foot Cleanse:

You are welcomed to come relax after life’s long journey. Sit back, relax, and feel yourself unwind as you soak your feet in an ion cleanse bath that pulls toxins from your feet. While soaking, your hands will loosen their frip as the stress is kneaded out. A sea salt scrub is applied to your lower legs and feet followed by a luxurious lotion massage that will leave you walking on sunshine. 30 minutes- $50

Wellness Program:

If you are interested in getting regular massages please inquire about this discount!


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