Add-on Treatments


Renew a healthy natural glow to your face.  Turn back the hands of time with this organic DMAE enhanced anti-aging facial treatment,   Includes cleansing, green tea exfoliation and chia seed serum.  Your skin will look and feel great.  30 Minutes- $50

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment:

Melt away your stress and mental anxiety. Scalp is treated with warm peppermint oil that invigorates the mind and nourishes the hair, then massaged and wrapped. $20

Back Treatment:

A stimulating treatment created just for your back. Warm wax is placed along the spine to bring ease to sore, tight muscles.  Exfoliate with our Rosemary Mint Mountain Glow followed by a Deep Relief Mud Mask and extra deep tissue back massage. $25

Foot Treatment:

Soften and  hydrate those dry, cracked  heels.   Enjoy exfoliation with Mountain Glow, honey avocado pedicure dip and  finishing with a honey butter. You will be walking on sunshine. $20

Hand Treatment:

Exfoliate dry, chapped and peeling hands with an oil infused salt scrub.  Dip in paraffin to lock in the moisture and relieve tension with extra hand massage. $20

Dry Skin Brushing:

An exercise for your skin it helps your lymphatic drainage system remove toxins from the body. In so doing, it helps to reduce cellulite in your thighs and butt, where fats, proteins and waste products tend to accumulate. $15

*Add-ons can only be added on to a 60 minute or longer treatment.

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