Jessica LaFayette, LMT

Jessica-MoodsJessica has a commitment to bring alternative healthcare that is informed, advanced, and intuitive to the Cedar Rapids community. Working with your existing health and wellness program to bring you the absolute fullest life possible is not just a professional obligation but a higher calling.

I am an expert in deep tissue and wellness massage. That means that I will address the source of the discomfort rather than smoothing over it with a fluffy, ineffective massage. I know how frustrating it is to invest time and money in therapy that doesn't work! I will always listen to you and tailor each massage session to your specific concerns and needs.

My massage therapy style is a blend of traditional deep muscle work, Swedish, and active stretching. My healing philosophy is strongly influenced by my study of herbs and essential oils. I also offer steam therapy, a detoxifying therapy that aids in reducing inflammation and improving circulation for sore tight muscles.

I am thrilled to contribute to the thriving downtown Cedar Rapids business community.



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Posted by Brightside Wellness on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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